Let´s swimm with the landseer!

31th May 2019 – 2nd June 2019, Sunny Lakes North, Senec

The very first water works training is organised in cooperation with organisation PLAV from Czechia!

We use the opportunity to try and learn basics of water rescue works during three days. Training is available for everybody, not only the landseer breed subjects. Place of training is located on north part of Sunny lakes before the opening of public swimming. Acommodation is booked in hotel Zatoka directly on north part of lakes. Friday 31st May, we will be the part of International Children Day celebrations, we will use the opportunity to show how water rescue works looks like. 

Entry fee is 10 € per day. Members are free of charge.

Let´s swimm with the landseer! 31.5.2019 Senec