The Club Challenge begins!

How not to go crazy – or how to deal with coronavirus more easily!

The Landseer Club of Slovakia announces a challenge for its members on February 1, 2021. Despite all the unpleasant limitations and complications, we can effectively use these days for ourselves, our family and our four-legged pets. All the time we now dedicate to our dogs can only be used later. This challenge helps to point out the possibilities that we can still pursue without limitations and make our time more enjoyable. And it will not be for free. Each member will receive a souvenir for completing all the tasks of the challenge. Confirm the completed tasks by e-mail to by 31.3.2021.

1. Task – complete the route 5 km with your dog

– The route must be completed in one piece in any form: walking, running, bicycle, scooter, …

– Measure the route with any motion measurement application

– Send  a photo from the activity and a screenshot of the distance and date covered

2. Task – learn a new exercise / trick of your dog

– It is necessary to teach the dog some new task, exercise, trick, which he does not know yet

– Send aa confirmation – a video of a dog will handle the task you taught him

3. Task – expand your education in cynology

– Read a book, look at a record you haven’t had time for but have ever wanted to read or watch

– Send as confirmation – link, photo of the book or media, or let us know what interesting things you learned

4. Task – create something by hand with a dog pattern, ideally with a landseer

– Use your hands for your own creation (mastering, sewing, baking, painting, …)

– Send a confirmation – photo

5. Task – do not forget about psychohygiene and relaxation

– Make every day more pleasant, dogs are excellent companions for stress relief

– Send a confirmation  – a photo of how you spend the crown with your dog

Finally, all activities will be published for inspiration to other members. We can learn a lot from each other, cope at a distance and make this period more enjoyable for each other 😊.