Top Dog – Results 2019

Landseer club announces the competition for top dog from the breed. We bring you the results for year 2019.

Top Dog Male 2019

1st place Harvey z Letohradského ranče 589 points
2nd place Abdul Tobi Miracle Star 340 points
Top Dog Junior Male 2019
1st place  Abdul Tobi Miracle Star 331 points
Top Dog Female 2019
1st place Afra Tobi Miracle Star 318 points
2nd place Odile vom Köllerhof 120 points
Top Dog Junior Female 2019
1st place Odile vom Köllerhof 232 points
2nd place Afra Tobi Miracle Star 220 points
Our congrats go to the Winners and we are looking forward to awarding the Winners during The Club Weekend 2020!