Club Show 12.3.2022

BOB Afra Tobi Miracle Star

March 12th 2022 Pezinok. Judge: MUDr. Zita Kerak Lukáčová, SK

We spent a cold but sunny Saturday together at a pleasant club event where we met again after a long period in a friendly atmosphere and enjoyed it with our dogs ☺. We started the morning with a club show. Experienced dogs which we meet regularly were presented at the show, but we also enjoyed the new perpective young dogs. In a peaceful atmosphere, young dogs could try a new situation in a relaxed environment and prepare for other show plans.

After the show, we evaluated the dogs of our members who placed in the first places of the competition Dog of the Year 2021.

And finally, we gave the dogs a little rest after a job well done and we discussed at the membership meeting the plan of club events which we can look forward to and other necessary topics.

Congratulations to all participants for the show results.


Males junior class
Exc1, CAJC, junior Club Winner CASH Baracota

Males open class
VG1 DARGO Barba di Batelina

Males champion class
Exc1, CAC, Club Winner, BOS ABDUL Tobi Miracle Star
Exc2, R.CAC HARVEY z Letohradského ranče

Males honor class
ABS. Little Hope des Pandas des Terres Rouges

Females junior class
Exc2 BATYRA Tobi Miracle Star
Exc1, CAJC, junior Club Winner, BOJ CALLA Tobi Miracle Star

Females intermediate class
Exc1, CAC BAILEY Nové Městečko

Females open class
Exc1, CAC GAMMA Filutki Chorzowskie

Females champion class
Exc1, CAC, Club Winner, BOB AFRA Tobi Miracle Star

Females honor class
Exc1 DAFRA z Laderova

Thank you to all who helped with preparation of the show and also during the show and bonitation. I look forward to meeting you at other club activities – training, workshop or walk with dogs.