Epeiros Cup 2017

Club weekend continued with special dog show Epeiros Cup 2017. In cooperation with several clubs we participated for the first time in this special event. The program was rich in events. First we listened to professional lectures during the symposium, then we tested the temperament of our dogs during the socialization test and finally competed for the title Epeiros Winner 2017. Special show was judged by Tatiana Grishina from Russia. The Landseers didn’t miss out on the event.

Our friends from the Czech Republic prepared perfect demonsration of water recsue work how we also introduced the breed of cynological public from work point of view. Not to forget the perfect social eveningAtmosphere of the whole exhibition weekend we bring you in the photo gallery. What to conclude? Congratulations to all the award-winning and look forward to meeting in two years.


Male, Youth class – Exc.1, CAJC, Epeiros Junior Winner  Arcturus Wepwawet
Owner: Doubravka Olšáková, CZ

Male, interm. class  – Exc.1, CAC Omar Czarcia farma
Owner: Peter Kerak, SK

Male, champion class  – Exc.1, CAC, Epeiros Winner, BOS  Little Hope des Pandas des Terres Rouges
Owner: Ivana Černajová, CZ

Female, interm. class – Exc.1, CAC  Amina Barba di Batelina
Owner: Dominika Kubatková, SK

Female, open class  – Exc.1, CAC Dafra z Laderova
Owner: Iveta Uhrová, SK

Female, champion class  – Exc.1,CAC, Epeiros Winner, BOB Touch of the Moonlight Elena
Owner: Lukácsné Csupor Bernadett, HU

After counting the results from temperament tests and special show the dog Little Hope des Pandas des terres Rouges got the title EPEIROS UNIVERSAL WINNER!

Epeiros Universal Winner 2017
Photogallery I.
Photogallery III.
Gala dinner
Photogallery II.
Photogallery IV.
Rescue Dogs