Epeiros Cup 2023

Epeiros Cup 16.-17.9.2023 Senec

Results from final competition:
BIS 1 Best of opposite sex – Catherine Carpathian Valley
Judge: Oliver Šimon, HR
Males, junior class
DEMON Bílský lev – Exc1, CAJC, Junior Epeiros Winner
o: Kurzová Sylva
Males, open class
Fuerza Real DON DARIO – Exc1, CAC
o: Vravúšková Dominika
Males, champion class
Abdul Tobi Miracle Star – Exc1, CAC, Epeiros Winner, BOB
o: Uhrová Iveta
Females, junior class
AMRA Dan Katalen – Exc3
o: Staník Miroslav
Ingrid Gyӧngye Fairy Tale of Baileys “EFFIE” – Exc1, CAJC, Junior Epeiros Winner
o: Gӧnczӧl Réka
Pearl of Csillahill CADANCE-KÉDI – Exc2
o: Lukácsné Csupor Bernadett
Females, intermediate class
DOLLY Carpathian Valley – ABS
o: Urban Milan
Females, open class
BATYRA Tobi Miracle Star – Exc1, CAC
o: Vravúšková Dominika
ELISA z Aresibo – ABS
o: Habela Robert
Females, champion class
CATHERINE Carpathian Valley – Exc1, CAC, Epeiros Winner, BOS

o: Černajová Ivana

Females, honour class
ODILE vom Kollerhof – ABS
o: Kerak Peter
Females, veteran class
Dafra z Laderova – Exc1, Epeiros Veteran Winner
o: Uhrová Iveta
ELZA Cortorea – ABS
o: Kerak Peter
Catherine Carpathian Valley has met the conditions for title Club Champion!