SKJ Anniversary Awards

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its founding, the Slovak Kennel Club organized a gala evening. During the celebrations, cynologists who achieved significant success in breeding, handling, sports or judging were awarded. We are proud of our members who were awarded SKJ medals and the commemorative plaques at this exceptional event.

Let´s introduce our awarded members:

Silver award SKJ for breeding

Zita Kerak Lukáčová

She has been actively involved in cynology since 1998. In the Čierna hviezda kennel, the first litter was born in 2000. In the first years of breeding, she was actively engaged in breeding Bernese mountain dogs, later she started breeding the black puli breed. The kennel produced many interchampions and champions who worked not only in the European region, but also in the Middle East and overseas. In the puli breed, she managed to breed the World Junior Winner 2023. In the field of handling, she managed to win several valuable final positions in finals and awards such as World Winner, European Winner and Junior World Winner. In addition to her breeding activities, it is also worth mentioning her active participation in the board of the club of Swiss mountain dogs and Landseer Club, which she has led since 2015. Under her leadership, the club’s activities have significantly expanded, not only in exhibition activities, but also in the sports field. Thanks to her commitment and enthusiasm, in 2019, it was possible to organize Water Works Trials, which had not been held until then, in Slovakia, and which today enjoy great popularity. She is a member of the newly established FCI commission for Waterwork. Since 2019, she has been a member of the organizing committee of the combined special exhibitions Epeiros Cup, where she ensures the content and organization of an educational symposium for cynologists. She is also actively involved in the education of children in the field of cynology. In 2008, she successfully passed the judge’s exams for the breeds Bernese Mountain Dog and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Currently, she is an international judge for several FCI II breeds. With her approach to cynology and active activity in clubs, she contributes to the improvement and development of landseer and puli breeds in Slovakia.

Silver award SKJ for handling

Iveta Uhrová

She entered the show ring for the first time in 1998, since then she regularly participates in shows in Slovakia and abroad, where she shows her dogs, first English Cocker Spaniels,  Landseers nowadays. Her dogs have won numerous titles, including Junior European Winners, European Winners and World Winners, and are international, national and club champions in several countries. Other dogs from her breeding are also successful and have won several championships and other titles. In addition to exhibition activity, he also devotes herself to and supports the innate abilities of her dogs. She has successfully completed several small breed hunting trials with her cocker spaniels and water work trials with her landseers. In her spare time, she also works on children’s education and canistherapy. Since 1998, she was an active member of KCHPS and later, in 2008, a founding member of the Cockerspaniel club, where she served on the committee until 2023. Since 2015, she is also a member of the Landseer club. Through its activities in clubs, she participates in the improvement and promotion of the breed and the development of the club and its membership.

Comemorative award of SKJ

Ivana Černajová

Owner and breeder of ECT landseers since 2013. So far, four litters have been born in the Carpathian valley kennel, from which three national champions and one international champion, Club winners and Junior Club winners have been raised. Worth noting is winning the title of Club winner and BOB with the female Catherine Carpathian valley at the Club Show of the German Landseer Club, in the country of origin of this rare breed. With imports from abroad, it expanded the genetic pool of breeding individuals in Slovakia. But not only the exhibition activity is remarkable, she stood at the beginning of the Landseer club’s sports activities and was one of the first to start training the water works of landseers. With her dogs, she successfully passed the exams according to the German DVG Diploma A and B. With her active exhibiting and sporting activities, she contributes significantly to the promotion of the breed and Slovak cynology abroad.

Comemorative award of SKJ

Dominika Vravúšková

Owner and breeder of ECT landseers, long-time successful handler of the breed. So far, 6 litters have been born in the Barba di Batellina kennel, from which several international and national champions have emerged. By successfully importing dogs from abroad, she contributed significantly to the development of landseer breeding in Slovakia. She made a significant contribution to the revival of the landseer breeding club in 2015. Since then, she has been a member of the club’s board of directors and regularly participates in the organization of club events.